Algaennovation is building a new kind of Omega-3 cultivation production facility, improving every stage of the aquaculture life cycle.

Our cutting edge technology provides the perfect conditions, in order to keep our algae healthy, vital and full of valuable nutritional components.

Starting with the larval hatchery feed, all the way to fishmeal-free aquafeed and ultimately as a food supplement for humans, enabling advanced and richer production with higher Omega-3 content.

We are bringing a new scientific approach to microalgae production. Our novel indoor, scalable and sustainable process uses only 1% of the water, less than 1% of the land and is carbon-negative.

We optimize growth conditions thru machine learning and data analytics technologies to consistently and cost-effectively produce the best-in-class natural strains of Ultra High Omega-3 algae.

We provide our algae with the perfect environmental conditions,  resulting in significant benefits to our customers:

Consistent composition and marine- pathogen free

24/7 year round production and supply

Reduction in Omega-3 production costs

Improved yield- higher Rotifer production with the same amount of feed

Improved quality - significantly higher Omega-3 content

Strategically located at one of the world’s largest geothermal power plants in Iceland, our process turns “waste to value“  and  is completely sustainable.

We leverage the waste heat, natural CO2 emissions, pristine water and 100% green energy to consistently and cost effectively produce the best-in-class natural strains of Ultra High Omega-3 algae.

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